Course Introduction:

The North American High School Credit Course Center is an online platform that provides students with a superior North American academic education. The center has successfully attracted many world-class institutions to carry out high-level international cultural and academic exchanges, as well as research cooperation to create a globally influential online education hub and a deep integration demonstration zone for industry, university and research.

The North American High School Credit Course Center is under the supervision and support of both the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada and the College Board in the United States. It introduces key courses from Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Liaoning Normal University, Harbin Institute of Technology and many other top universities and institutions in China and worldwide. The program covers Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) curriculum, College Board AP courses, as well as university preparatory courses required in many top global universities. Using the "ALTSCHOOL" online mode, students can complete the relevant courses and obtain a North American high school diploma. From there, they can directly enter their target universities and achieve the prestigious benefits from being enrolled in those elite schools.

This program allows students to retain their original education and diploma in their home countries. Students only need to create an effective schedule to make good use of their spare time after school hours, during weekends and vacations, to take online courses and accomplish all requirements. In most cases, qualified students should be able to finish all courses required within 12 months.

From 2019 on, the North American High School Credit Course Program will annually nominate some top students in different school regions. In China, there will be 80 outstanding students selected whereas another 100 in Canada and 80 in other countries and regions will also be selected. A small amount of scholarships will also be issued to some of these selected students to encourage our students to better improve themselves during their online learning journey.

Academic Resources

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

    “SJTU” was founded in 1896, it is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. The school is one of the first 7 secondary schools that entered “Project 221” and the first 9 that entered “Project 985”. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, known as a member of the “Chinese Ivy League”, is a well-known university under the national development of “Project 111” and the "Project Everest".
  • Harbin University of Technology (HIT)

    “HIT” was founded in 1920. It is the first batch of universities that hold the title of "Project 985”, “Project 211”, an “A rank world-class construction university"; and a main member of the nine-school alliance (C9). Harbin University of Technology was a key university selected in the “Project 2011”, “Project Everest”, “Project 111”, “Engineer-Oriented Education and Training Program” and it is a science & engineering-oriented national university with multidisciplinary development.
  • East China Normal University (ECNU)

    “ECNU” was founded in 1951. It is the first customary university in the People’s Republic of China, a national key university directly administered by the Ministry of Education; and a well-known university under the national central development of “Project 211”, “Project 985” and “Project 111”. In 2011 ECNU cooperated with the New York University and founded the first China-US cooperated university - “Shanghai New York University”.
  • Liaoning Normal University (LNU)

    “LNU” is a "first-class" domestic university in Liaoning province. It holds the "excellent middle school teacher training program" initiated by the Ministry of Education and is a well-known center for scientific research consulting and secondary education instructor trainings. It is now the largest and leading teacher education center in Liaoning Province.
  • Insight Academy of Canada(IAC)

    “IAC” is a pioneer in the international education industry. It provides high quality K-12 international education. Having its headquarters in Toronto, IAC has access to the best educational resources in North America for curriculum research and development. IAC has remarkable education implementation, comprehensive teaching and guidance, as well as a sophisticated student management system to bring the best education to students across the world.