Outstanding students
Kong, xx
McMaster University, DeGroote School of Business
2017 Graduate
Jin, xx
University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science
2017 Graduate
Situ, xx
University of Waterloo, Statistics and Actuarial Science
2017 Graduate
Zhuo, xx
University of Waterloo, Mathematics
2017 Graduate
Yang, xx
York University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2017 Graduate
Tan, xx
Cornell University, Cornell Institute For Public Affairs
2017 Graduate
Stephen xxx
New York University, School of Law
2017 Graduate
Mona xxx
Duke University, Department of Biomedical Engineering
2017 Graduate
Eric xxx
Boston College, Lynch School of Education and Human
2017 Graduate
April xx
Syracuse University, Economics and international relations
2017 Graduate
Matt xx
The Chinese university of Hong Kong, Department of Economics
2017 Graduate
Anna xx
The University of Manchester, School of Computer Science
2017 Graduate
Picture Wall
• 6th place in the International Youth Drone Competition
• 2nd place in the world in the Waterloo Pascal Math Competition
• 4th place in the Canadian public high school talent show
• Juniors Group Fire Fighting Mission Champion in the RoboRAVE Canadian International Robot Competition