Mathematical Thinking Training Program

Specifically designed by our expert team, this program is grouped by top international math educators. The Olympiad Math Preparation Program has its foundation in North American math curriculum as well as a deep and ongoing investigation into the world Olympiad math competition and training system. The program, tailored to nurture 13 to 18-year-olds who have an innate love of math, relies on international educational concepts and an advanced online teaching mode to fully develop students' mathematical thinking and English expression abilities. During the overall learning process, students will have the chance to simultaneously promote their competence in language arts, subject knowledge, and thinking ability which are all required in the 21st century, and therefore cultivate core competitiveness for future development.

Students are encouraged to participate in international mathematics competitions such as AMC (American Mathematical Competition) and CEMC (Waterloo Mathematical Competition). Those competitions aim to strengthen the students' problem-solving abilities and serve as periodic evaluation on students’ learning progress as well.

North American English Writing Program (Writing Success)

North American English Writing Program (Writing Success) is a curriculum specifically designed by an expert team in accordance with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and with reference to the Common Reference Framework for European Languages (CEFR). It focuses on developing student writing through advanced online instruction as well as detailed “one on one” revision. The program aims to help students achieve better language skills, especially in writing.

This program takes a holistic approach and is designed to support students of all ages and abilities. It can also be customized to meet the unique needs of our students. Students will improve their writing skills through a review of a variety of reading examples, writing assignments, oral communication tasks, critical thinking and listening. All of these areas are related, so focusing on all these skills simultaneously can lead to faster progress in learning.

For students from university preparation programs, the main goal to be enrolled in such courses set the standard of  "writing a good article". It is believed that such skills is essential in their personal, professional and academic careers.  Outstanding articles submitted in the courses will have the chance to be published in well-known magazines/journals overseas and therefore add strength and competitiveness for prestigious school applications.

Youth Harvard
Stanford Premium Children's Literature

Background promotions
Objective evaluation
Understand students' academic status and knowledge level, and objectively evaluate their English and other learning skills.
Address vision and goals
Identify each individual student’s learning expectations, development directions and individual short- & medium-term growth goals.
Custom Planning
Comparing students' current assessment results to their ultimate goals, customize specific university application preparation schedules, including curriculum selection, language learning, social service hours, choice of university and major, application materials, etc. according to their characteristics, interests and expertise.
Follow Ups
Help students to build personal websites, record and track student progress; adjust learning content in a timely manner based on student’s progress and change of learning goals, and best help students achieve their individual learning expectations and growth goals.
Communication with Parents
Establish a framework for regular communication with parents and students, summarize students' learning achievements, space for further growth, the next stage of goals, etc. to better serve students' needs and empower their success.